Visibility is not only important to a rider while on its motorcycle (high visibility vest) but can be lifesaving when being separated from its motorcycle due to a crash.

The PULSE technology is based on multiple indicators that measure the riding position of the rider. The system activates LED-warning lights when the rider gets into a crash and is being separated from his motorcycle.

The PULSE system is also available as integrated technology and can be integrated into almost all motorcycle clothing. (LED casing and electronics)

Power switch

The power switch unit has 2 functions. The button is used to activate the PULSE system. The bars below the switch will display the battery status of the PULSE system.

press button switch

Powers up the PULSE system when buttoned down to the control unit.

led unit

The LED unit flashes 10 times when PULSE is activated. When PULSE measures a crash the LED system starts flashing heavily.

Motion Detector

Analyses the movement patterns of the rider. When a crash is measured the detector activates the LED unit.