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10 February 2017Partner

The Caberg Ghost is one of the most interesting, super light and versatile jet helmet on the market. The Ghost is fitted with a goggle shaped visor which fits closely to the riders face. The close fit is achievable through the foam profile that is embedded in the inner side of the visor. The mask profile can be attached to the chin area of the helmet, which works as a shield that protects the rider’s face from debris and cold winds.

Integrated with spring tilting system, riders will be able to open and close the visor of the Caberg Ghost easily by just using one hand! What makes the Ghost stand out from other goggle fitted jet helmets is that it can configured in 4 different setups.

Caberg Ghost
Caberg Ghost 4 options

Caberg also offers the goggle like visor in a couple of different tint color variants and its visor foam profile in 3 thickness sizes.

Caberg Ghost Visors options

The Caberg Ghost is offered in two types of shell sizes, that is made from tri-composite material, such as fiber, carbon and kevlar. These materials contributes to well to keeping the weight of the helmet only 1188 grams! making it one of the most lightest motorcycle helmets on the market.

Caberg Ghost

The inner lining of the Caberg Ghost is made out of breathable fabrics, which can be completely removed, washed and fitted back into the helmet with ease. Caberg has also a removable compartment in the lining, which can be used to equipped their JUST SPEAK S bluetooth communications systems.

Caberg Ghost Pinlock insert

The Caberg Ghost helmets will be equipped with our Pinlock 70 insert lens, which our mid-range insert that is enhanced with stronger fog resistant properties.The 70 Pinlock insert lens for this helmet is specially developed by us to cover inner part of goggle visor completely, ensuring maximum field of fog-free vision for the rider.

For more information about the Caberg Ghost helmet, visit Caberg’s website here!