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Pinlock Overlay for HJC


Motorcyclists know the problem since the very day they start riding: annoying sun glare. Bright sunlight is not only tiring, it may diminish your view significantly, eliminating contrast offering potential hazardous riding conditions.

Enter the final solution by the visor specialists of Pinlock: the brand new Pinlock Overlay. The Pinlock Overlay makes use of advanced photochromatic visor technology, integrated in an innovative visor concept.

Available for 2D visors

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Specs Pinlock Overlay

  • Easy to clean and install
  • Adapts to UV light conditions. It changes from clear to dark smoke.


Product Description

Right from the start, the Pinlock engineers eliminated possible weaknesses: the Overlay doesn’t use a vulnerable coating on the outside, but a special UV-sensitive photochromatic film sandwiched between two tough premium quality polycarbonate layers. The Overlay is mounted on the Pinlock Tear-off posts, that accommodate both the Overlay on the outside and the Pinlock anti-fog insert lens on the inside of the visor. This concept offers the best of both worlds: perfect anti-fog and anti-glare properties.


The color of the visor changes under the influence of UV-light from clear to dark smoke in a matter of seconds. Back to clear takes a little while longer, but this offers your eyes the time to adapt to the color change.


Pinlock Sun Reactive Overlay is compatible with the list of helmets below:


RPHA 10 Plus
*Compatible for 2D visors only.