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Enhance your visibility and safety

Enhanced visibility

Visibility is not only important to a rider while on its motorcycle (high visibility vest) but can be lifesaving when being separated from its motorcycle due to a crash.
The PULSE technology is based on multiple indicators that measure the riding position of the rider. The system activates LED-warning lights when the rider gets into a crash and is being separated from his motorcycle.
The PULSE system is also available as integrated technology and can be integrated into almost all motorcycle clothing. (LED casing and electronics)

Pinlock Pulse


For PULSE we are teaming up with many great motorcycle clothing brands to deliver integrated safety within your motorcycle clothing.


Tested in bad weather conditions to make sure that you will be visible at all times


The light signal reffers to a pulsating tempo which drags the attention of fellow road users.


The LED strips are specifically placed over both shoulders to maximize your visability.

Other products

We strive to develop safety products that enables riders to push the
limits while keeping them safe.